Hosting EHR Instances for the Education program

The community can also host it as well. Whatever works really, I’m fine with either.

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I’m happy with this plan for now. My plan is to advertise it to the roughly 450 faculty members who requested a download of my book and who I have contact information on. I did not plan to do this until Kevin has finished his enhancements and the YouTube videos are ready to go.

Still no word back from Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (grant) or Pearson Publishing (partner). There is always a slim chance when I send out the notice about hosting LibreHealth EHR, someone will contribute a bright idea regarding how to help support hosting or obtain longer term funding.

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I probably should start a new thread but this relates to the Education LibreHealth EHR with the NHANES patients. A computer science professor from the University of Houston wanted to use the demo to teach a small class. Unfortunately, she like many others think that they can add facilities and new patients for exercises. She already started the exercise and then asked for permission.

On the landing page we need default language that alerts faculty not to do this. Any other thoughts?

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Well, whatever they do – we overwrite it nightly to reset things to sane state…or rather a state where the admin password is correct.

I agree, it should be fairly straightforward to add a notice on that page about the nightly resets. That would make instructors to think otherwise.

But really, I think we should also add to the notice that they can run a docker instance that will contain the NHANES data. Such a docker image with the NHANES data does not exist at the moment, but should be doable, if we create a ticket and someone puts some time to do it.

Very easy considering I merged in the docker work to do it. Not hard to do in the least. We do have an EHR image. The only db I don’t touch is the documentation site’s db – their passwords aren’t public and for good reason.

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Thanks for the feedback. I would like to see the software Dockerized as I believe that would make implementation easier. Seeing talk about Kubernetes replacing Docker but I’m not knowledgeable enough to comment. What would be the cost to place software and NHANES patients in a container?

Kubernetes needs Docker or at least a container runtime. It’s a container orchastration system.

It would not cost anything – we already had work funded under the DIAL grant, some of which is completed. I have the Dockerfile in the repo right now.

Some work would need to be done to automate things, as of right now – it would be very manual. I’m waiting on the SFC to action on a ticket to add a CC to our AWS account, once that’s done – we could probably spin up a Kubernetes cluster and then it’s just about writing some code to automate things on our end.


  1. why wouldn’t they be able yo add whatever they want when using the instances.

  2. lehr is deployable via containers, apifocal and mi2 did that work with Robbie’s help.

  3. kubernetes is a tool/process for deployment of containers. Requires containerized apps.

Finishing the container work to make it enterprise capable is still particially funded by UN, we only spent 1/2 the money granted, it should still be available.


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right now it’s kinda good enough…but not quite 100%

Is this the repo for the docker work - ? I also found that the small dataset here - is probably the easiest to import.

I have a grad student interested in taking the NHANES data and making a docker instance for everyone to use. Whats the best sql to use for creating the NHANES teaching instance docker image?

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I do want to keep the momentum up on this issue. Fatima Merchant PhD (computer engineering) from the U of Houston said she used LH for her students and wants to discuss containerizing it further. Also, a national high school competition organization (HOSA) has expressed interest in having a competition on EHRs and possibly use LH EHR. Moreover, I still hear that many medical students have no access to an EHR until they become an intern. What can we do to further this along?


No, the Dockerfile and all docker-related files are the docker/ directory off of the root of the EHR repo.

If they want to use the NHANES data, that’s the base database that I used, I literally pulled from our demo EHR site. I made scripts, and there is a README that is heavily documented here. I hope I covered all contingincies…and I enjoy doing Docker work :slight_smile:

@r0bby, that’s perfect. Hurray, it is working with the NHANES data!! How do we ensure that the EHR code and the schema are updated to the latest release of lh-ehr?

@rhoyt, I think we should interview the users and have a manuscript summarizing some of the requirements of a teaching EHR, and what a community needs to do to get such an EHR out and maintained.

I guess periodically just take a dump from adminer on the demo and we’re good. I update that when asked to do so. I’ll try to do that regularly.

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My teleconference with Dr. Merchant is on February 5th so I’ll have a better idea what the U of Houston has planned. I’ll obviously advise her team to coordinate with you guys. I hate that this project has laid dormant in spite of need but that happens so times

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I spoke to Dr. Merchant today who would like to have undergrad or grad students from one of the computer science departments work on the LibreHealth EHR project. Perhaps they could containerize it quicker than what has happened thus far. There are also other enhancements that could be made to make the EHR more user friendly. Is the most current version of the software on GitHub? Who is hosting the demo? Does the NHANES Import function on GitHub include the actual NHANES patient data? She would appreciate answers to these questions. Thanks

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Hello Everyone: Thank you for creating the LiberHealth EHR platform. As discussed with Dr. Hoyt, I am interesting in using the platform for teaching and can assist with having MS thesis/BS capstone project students works on the current version so that we can containerize it for use at the University of Houston or other institutes in the future. Please let me know if this is of interest to the group and if yes who should I contact to learn more about the source code. Thanks Fatima


Hey there @fmerchant,

I helped with the containerization of the NHANES dataset. The work was not solely mine, I did try to make it easy to use and document as thoroughly as I could.

I know that @sunbiz was asking me questions about it earlier this week, so I’m not sure what he did…I tried to document it the best I could here and tried to account for most contingencies and use-cases.

Robby Thank you for sharing ! If you have already completed the containerization code, I will go ahead and try to see if I can get it to work here. If there are updates needed we can discuss the same and decide if we want to have students work on the same.