Hoodies for LibreHealth

Hoodies for LibreHealth

Why Hoodies and What use?

LibreHealth’s logo is very interesting, and if hoodies were designed and given to a certain group for GCI, or able to be purchased would be something that I am interested in. What about the LibreHealth community. If this is to be passed, I will personally design a hoodie. “Health Care for Humanity” needs to be displayed to the public and hoodies with our logo and a brief description would be excellent!

Provide some feedback please! Thanks

Jake Du (jdew192837)


/cc @lsc

I like this idea, what do you all think?

Nooiicee.Good Idea.Just Implement that.

I like the idea

Is this design that could be available so that people in the US can order from amazon US etc ?

I would like to choose the best “Healthcare for Humanity” piece of artwork for this.