Educational Goals

(Art Eaton) #147

The mips thingie currently runs pre-created queries to get counts of things. Any standard queries can be added pretty easily (from a programmer standpoint). It only reports those counts, then lets you see the lists of patients in each category, and lets you provide amplifying data. It also stores those reports, as well as the itemized values.

The same engine can be made to do lots of other things of course, and could even let you run direct queries provided we scrub them for any input like “CREATE, UPDATE, REPLACE, INSERT” or any command that isn’t “SELECT”. That would not be as useful as the GUI provided by something like phpMyAdmin.

The MIPS module migration is now at the alpha testing stage.

(Bob Hoyt) #148

I let my HIM expert know about your plan. She heads up the HIM program at Lake Sumter State College (located not very far from you). Once we can get a look under the hood, I would like for her to create boiler plate type scenarios she believes students should experience

(Art Eaton) #149

That is about 2.5 hours away (120 miles). Not impossible to do a day visit if desired.

(Bob Hoyt) #150

I just found out the Data World also has JDBC connectors so you can connect to the machine learning software of choice WEKA (JAVA based). The software is stored on GitHub here.

(Robby O'Connor) #151

Added. Do we need any other file types?

(Art Eaton) #152

Unless you think .csv, .txt, or .MD would be convenient…then no.

(Art Eaton) #153

MIPS stuff is ready for testing/show and tell. Won’t be up on the main demo for a while though, and who knows when we will get it merged into master.

(Terry Hill) #154

it will be there as soon as we can get thru all the code Gezz

(Robby O'Connor) #155

In that case, a gist or pastebin would work. We don’t want to be hosting EVERYTHING.

(Bob Hoyt) #156

Question. When I enter a new diagnosis using the Summary page (Edit >> Add) and give it a date of onset, the date does not show up on the Summary page. In my experience, good problem summary lists (PSLs) have the year of onset and a comment of acute/chronic/resolved as a dropdown menu. Can the date be adding somewhere in the globals or elsewhere so it shows up on the Summary page?

(Terry Hill) #157

Can you do a screen capture of it for me?

(Bob Hoyt) #158

Here is a screen shot of just the medications and medical problems. Ideally they both should have dates to the right of the information and the dates are in the system

(Terry Hill) #159

Thanks that will help me to remember where the issue is exactly.

(Bob Hoyt) #160

I suspect most PSLs have the month and year but just the year would be reasonable. Unfortunately, with the NHANES data dump I guess everyone will have the same input date (:zipper_mouth_face:

(Kevin Yeh) #161

NHANES does include age at diagnosis for many of the conditions. Where available, the onset dates could be updated.

(Bob Hoyt) #162

I understand about the NHANES data but what I learned is that when you add a new diagnosis or medication and add the date of onset the date does not appear in the summary page

(Terry Hill) #163

@rhoyt will this do

(Terry Hill) #164

or do you prefer this

(Bob Hoyt) #165

That would be fine. I assume that is not yet live as I saw no date on a new diagnosis I added to Hugh Abbott today

(Terry Hill) #166

Still on my system. Do you want the day behind or in front of the information?