Educational Goals

(Bob Hoyt) #125

You are much BETTER than I am at narrating. I’m good at selecting content. Are you planning to host new videos about MIPS on your web site? I’m still a little unclear as to whether you will be integrating your MIPs reporting capabilities into LibreHealth. I looked at one of the first PDFs on your web page and saw “percentage of patients 18-75 with hemoglobin A1c’s >9.0”. The ability to easily locate and report these patients would be super for clinical purposes and learning the MIPs ropes.

I definitely think an introductory video that reviews the main and important features of LibreHealth Educational EHR would be very valuable. It is said about millennials that they will not read more than one paragraph of text but will watch a 3 minute YouTube video.

Of course we could eventually use other videos like how to set up an appointment. How to create a SOAP note, do MIPS and so forth

(Art Eaton) #126

Yes. All the MIPS/MACRA stuff is going into LibreHealthEHR…period. It is in a pull request (PR) from a branch named that. Basically, it is a big part of the software my company has, and much of the remainder is involved with importing data from claim files into Libre for the purposes of running these reports. I will also be linking the measure descriptions in the EHR to the MIPS QA measure standards.

We certainly want setup, billing, reporting and clinical videos. We probably don’t want videos for Scheduling until our new calendar system goes on-line. Also, as the SOAP form was archaic 16 years ago when it was written, we probably want to complete some better ones before presenting them to the public.

I am fairly certain that a video on a vitals form would be fine… :slight_smile:

In any case, the MIPS videos must be updated.

(Bob Hoyt) #127

That’s great. Keep us posted as to the progress as I can see that we might need a simple MIPs exercise for all students but a separate complex exercise (s) for who need this experience in their practice

(Judy Gichoya) #128

Maybe a specific video on mips would be helpful… it’s so new and most people don’t understand it …, include myself … to develop tasks with a tag of mips for advanced learners would be good

(Bob Hoyt) #129

I agree and have some feelers out to faculty who might use this in their programs. Would be just one more feature we could offer

(Bob Hoyt) #130

There is one other educational option related to this project that interests me. Data.World is a new web site that hosts data projects and the datasets for collaboration. Importantly, they also embed a SQL query engine and tutorials. I have already created a LibreHealth Educational EHR project site and uploaded several NHANES files that we have in the EHR. It also integrates with R, Python and Tableau. They plan to integrate with KNIME, a graphical machine learning platform.

At some point we hope to have SQL integrated somehow with the EHR but perhaps in the meantime this is another sandbox for graduate students. Thoughts?

(Art Eaton) #131

I am putting the mechanisms in place for adding/switching/editing/saving data sets (as well as an upload feature specifically for that).

Basically, it will take the form of an optional module for edu and registry installations within the MIPS stuff.

This will allow you to provide the data set(s) by turning on the tools and/or adding the module to the base install that can include data sets. The datasets can alternatively be uploaded (FileDropper tool included) within the application. They can then be loaded, or used as a new “site” (alternative database with a different login). The data can them be morphed, saved to a “slot”, renamed, and a different one be loaded.

It is all just a matter of using the EHR_Contribs repo to house the additional stuff not normally used in a clinical setting.

(Art Eaton) #132

Oh, also, the contribs could also have a copy of PHPMyAdmin as a pre-configured module that can be grabbed and used by folks wanting it; as a convenience. I am not sure at this point if it will work in the tabbed environment we currently have. I have not tried it.

(Terry Hill) #133

@rhoyt Have you looked at the Patient Tracker (Flow Board) on the nhanes demo.

(Bob Hoyt) #134

I have looked at the Flow Board in the top left menu that searches for appointments. I also found it under Reports >> Visits. I have a feeling you are talking about another option

(Terry Hill) #135

No that’s it actually will allow the tracking of a patient thru the clinic from arrival to checkout. I enabled the date range function and set it (in globals) to look one month ahead. If the user is just tracking for the day they can change that under the miscellaneous tab under user preferences. When used by the clinic it will track the time the patient spent at various “stations” thru out the clinic. It will , if used by the practitioner , track the amount of time spent with the patient.

(Bob Hoyt) #136

Oh, OK. I had asked before about a system audit log to see how long things took in a clinic and I see that this is now available. Thanks

(Terry Hill) #137

It is driven by status . When a status is updated in the Tracker the calendar is also updated with the status change.The system will auto create an encounter when the patient status is changed to @ arrived or ~ arrived late. There is a report for the Flow Board tat will give a snapshot of what has happened in the system.

I has been a part of the LibreHealth EHR system since the beginning just needs some one to give it a mention.

(Judy Gichoya) #138

@rhoyt have you received feedback on any of the learning cases

Do you think there is a small chance that instructors would be interested in helping you generate new cases in an open source model of cases that can be published using version controls

Maybe this is the next step but encouraging instructors and future learners to join in on the education mantra of LH would be pretty amazing

(Bob Hoyt) #139

I believe I have 7 universities that have responded back to me about wanting to be part of this project. Thus far, none have shared curricula but I’m hoping they will eventually contribute.

Should we use this forum or do you have another suggestion?

(Robby O'Connor) #140

I think this forum is fine in my opinion…Why set up extra infra unless we have a really good reason to do so?

(Bob Hoyt) #141

Why I asked this is because this forum only accepts PDF uploads, not Word documents which are easier to edit

(Robby O'Connor) #142

@rhoyt I have made it where you can now upload files with the .doc and .docx extenison (MS word documents).

(Art Eaton) #143

Excuse me? .odt and .ods please?:stuck_out_tongue:

(Bob Hoyt) #146

We look forward to seeing the software additions by @aethelwulffe. Clearly, this can be one more educational aspect. I still don’t have a clear picture as to whether it will be able to perform any analytics outside issues related to MACRA/MIPS.

I plan to use the Data World platform as a temporary external sandbox for SQL queries and visualization until we have the same capabilities integral to LibreHealth. This just gives instructors one more option for data exercises

It is my belief that the Data World Platform is complementary to our educational efforts. Here is a PowerPoint I put together to try to make that point. Data World and LibreHealth EHR.pdf (1.7 MB)