Educational Goals

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I’ve spent the last 3 days following the Amazon Re: Invent conference. There’s plenty there and Amazon has given us “credit” to use AWS services. That said, most of what we need can be done 100% in our own (and other cloud services) as well. So, some thought needs to be put into the most efficient selection of services.

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Thanks. I frankly don’t know enough to determine if hosting on AWS has any advantages over what you are currently doing. Perhaps, at some point having a platform with multiple services, like AWS, will be compelling

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@tony – see #infra on the chat – I was about to stand up a kubernetes cluster but wasn’t sure if instead you wanted me to bake an AMI instead.

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Open Health News just published an article on LibreHealth EHR for education:

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Interesting article today in Health Data Management by the ONC National Coordinator on interoperability. Overall, the US gets a grade of C- but there are some policy changes down the road which might help

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FYI. Had an extended phone call with Dr. Peter Elkin from the University of Buffalo. He was interested in LibreHealth EHR and has access to de-identified patients, but like so many academic centers, they are terrified that the data could be re-identified. I don’t buy that but this is the end result of HIPAA

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There’s a problem that is seriously grant worthy. True, realistic, synthetic patient’s. I’m working with a new company that can help with this and with the NLP concepts and wants to contribute. I’ll introduce you all after the New Year.

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@tony That’s great. I look forward to hearing what you have learned