Audit Log Changes/Improvements

I have some thoughts about augmenting the Audit Log process to provide better views of the activity.

For example, being able to view the activities that happened within a "single session of a given user." And also maybe adding additional tracked information. (Like the particular PHP page associated with the event entries instead of just the SQL.) Plus with the use of bound parameters, the log doesn’t actually track changes fully, so including the parameters array as part of the logged data is probably an enhancement that should be made.

Of course the log system has been a source of performance concerns so any changes need to be done cautiously.

One idea I might explore is to modify the “two query” process where back to back queries are sent to the database for each action (one for the desired statement, and another to log the action). The potential replacement would be to make a single database request for both parts as one transaction/request.

Profiling the code to understand performance impact would be a key part of any changes.


Being able to search the log instead of just paging thru it would be helpful

@yehster this will be great and helpful. One should be able to know what a user did without going through all the SQL query. Great!!!