2017 and the Good Stuff: Let's share!

I was asked to share one positive thing that happened to me in 2017 and this is the first thing (of a very short list)

I dumped the old open source project I helped lead for 15 years and got invited to help lead a new, way more interesting open source community, with many projects and a forward thinking team (viva LibreHealth!).


One positive thing that happened to me in 2017 was that I could finally build a robot from 0 (arduino powered) with a lot of features I’ve programmed :smiley:

I could put there a phone, make a videocall, drive it through bluetooth (with an android app i’ve built with java) and had proximity sensors which would stop the robot from colliding with walls :smiley:

I was working on an AI module that would drive it alone around my house but had no time, but still, a funny project. I could present it on my own school and it was great. Some universities even contacted me for this :smiley:

This is one of the most positive things that happened to me last year :slight_smile: and I hope this year will be better

By the way, I am portuguese and “viva” is a portuguese word, meaning “hurray!”. I’m curious about how is there so many Portuguese & Spanish word references (like “Libre”, it means “free” (from liberty) in portuguese) around here :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh 2017

I passed my board exams for radiology after months of very intense studying … And that means i can focus on LibreHealth … I have enjoyed meeting new people and working closer with people like @tony who inspire me and challenge me (over airport layovers)

This year in June i will be moving to portland to start an interventional radiology fellowship - it means i will be extremely busy being a doctor but i am pretty excited about this last year of school for me

I would love to thank @sunbiz who has been a phenomenon friend and colleague in 2017 – To bigger things


WooHoo Judy!

@MigDinny @tony Vida longa à revolução! Viva LibreHealth! Saúde para a Humanidade!

2017 was a great year! We learned so many lessons… Lessons that we could have learned from history without having to re-live them, but lessons nonetheless.

Best thing that I am glad I experienced in 2017: https://www.space.com/39063-spacex-launches-used-rocket-dragon-spacecraft-for-nasa.html

EDIT: Forgot a huge one. The Real Good Stuff: the GSOC program results!


I totally forgot that one! I’m like the fan number 2 of Elon Musk and I’m fascinated by Astronomy and space stuff since I was a little boy.


You are fan #2 because I am fan #1


Now now, we can all be #1 in our hearts!


Well, One thing that happened to me in 2017, a remarkable epiphany I had. It’s been a wanting of my family and eventually me to quit games, and take up code-in seriously. So a milestone I wanted to share is the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful organization. Looking back the change that I have had from boy to man is quite immense, the maturity in my words and actions is something I am still understanding. But the growth I have had in my studies and with this organization is definitely the highlight of my year. One major highlight that attributed to this was DukeTIP 2017 at Georgia Tech where I studied Anatomy and Physiology, which sparked this interest of health related ideas, which led me to here, and sometimes you wonder if the man upstairs is there, and this year he really has laid down a path for me from the exposure to Medical Studies during the summer to LibreHealth in the fall, what is coming is something I don’t know, but looking back it is one for the books. Thanks to @judywawira @r0bby @teryhill @tony @Trodrige @aethelwulffe and the other mentors, for this opportunity that has effected me greatly. Looking forward to staying with this community, maybe GSOC and maybe GCI 2018. I’ll hold this community deep in my heart for the 4 years I have left of High School. jdew192837


2017 had some very good things for me.

  1. Got together with community members in LibreHealth and we are truly moving forward with the mission with which we got together.
  2. Participating in a Gates foundation grant with @shbucher and UW, Oxford to train health workers in neonatal resuscitation which uses VR and mHealth + DHIS2
  3. Did some novel eHealth Architecture work in Myanmar for the WHO, lessons from which I hope I will share in academic papers
  4. Built and moved to my first house. Always lived in apartments, and this was a big move.
  5. @judywawira in particular has helped move me more towards radiology informatics. Some exciting work done, and more excited for the future, much of which will be in the LH-Radiology project

More great things happened in 2017, but thats my top 5.


Early start buddy! Coding, even of goofy boring business applications can be just as rewarding as building a Mob Grinder! Looking forward to you Leveling Up!

Congratulations on the big move! I hope your contractor came through with everything! :thinking: