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GSoC 2019 Potential Student and Mentor Meet & Greet ( 2 3 4 ) (79)

Let’s use this thread for general information for students who are interested in Google Summer of Code 2019. We have not yet applied, nobody has…but intend to. We are still formulating our project ideas, but have taken …

Electron app to learn Git (3)

You need to be able to work with Git if you wish to be successful with us for Google Summer of Code, this is a cool Electron application for learning Git:

[REMINDER] All communication MUST be public (3)

A friendly reminder that LibreHealth mandates that all communication happens publicly either here on the forums or on our chat. Private messaging in any form between students and mentors is forbidden except under very li…

So you want to be a GSoC student? (4)

See the video below from veteran GSoC mentors:

Making a great GSOC proposal - Example (4)

Look at this link for a great GSOC proposal - The wireframes seem to be missing but this can help guide you

About the Google Summer of Code category (3)
Advice to potential students from Google's Cat Allman (2)

Advice for Students interested in Google Summer of Code... This is the time of year when a lot of questions coming to the discuss list are about "How do I get started?"". Here is some step by step advice that should he…

Project : Incorporate reporting workflow into Radiology (3)
Project: Create web components for FHIR Resources (11)
Project: Integrate imaging data to teach imaging informatics for education (6)
Resources for polymer and angular (1)
Project: Integrating cornerstone as a radiology image viewer (13)
Project - Complete UI rewrite for radiology and toolkit as an open web application (1)
Project: Integrating DeepSpeech Voice Dictation for Radiology Reporting (4)
Project: Integrating Voice Dictation for Radiology Reporting (14)
Project: Improving FHIR Analytics Using Apache Spark and Cassandra (1)
Final GSoC 2018 Students' Mentor Evaluations/Code submission due 14 August at 1600 UTC (2)
Second (Phase 2) GSoC 2018 Evaluations due 13 July at 1600 UTC (2)
First (Phase 1) GSoC 2018 Evaluations Due 15 June at 1600 UTC (3)
Friendly remainder : Gsoc Evaluations (Phase 1) (5)
Blogging your Google Summer of Code 2018 experience (14)
Hacking #GSOC - How to write the winning proposal for the GSOC program (7)
Congratulations to the GSoC 2018 students (8)
Project: Implement spring data to the LibreHealth toolkit ( 2 ) (37)
Project: Remove and replace html2pdf with a more up to date tool ( 2 3 ) (42)
Project: Changes to the Patient Portal (15)
GSoC 2018 Potential Student and Mentor Meet & Greet ( 2 3 4 5 6 ) (110)
Project: Integrate an open source Laboratory Information System (LIMS) to the LibreHealth EHR (8)
Project: Report Generator ( 2 ) (28)
Project: Form Generator (9)